Black Granite Worktops

In Western fashion, black is considered stylish, elegant and powerful. It is no wonder then that black granite is in such high demand. A black granite worktop is an excellent choice for any kitchen, it not only adds a beautiful contrast but will convey a stylish and regal ambience. Valued for its timeless properties, universal appeal and stunning looks black granite will always be in fashion.

Your choice of kitchen worktops are the final touch to your new kitchen and the contrast of black worktops against contemporary units will create an amazing effect. Black granite is famous for its shine and mirror like appearance, making it an obvious choice for a perfect kitchen. It has all the qualities of a typical granite such as low maintenance, hard wearing and durable, scratch, moisture, mold and heat resistant. It is also a very rich colour, adding distinctness to your kitchen.

One of the main reasons black granite worktops are so popular is because they appeal to every style and taste. Black granite will match any style of kitchen and looks stunning with its sparkling reflection adding a touch of style and elegance to any kitchen.

We supply only the highest grade black worktops. If you are looking to purchase new granite worktops then black granite should be something to consider.

There are a variety of different shades and types of black granite, all detailed on our website.

black granite worktops


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