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Today, people are becoming more conscious of their living and working environments.

Today, people are becoming more conscious of their living and working environments. Homeowners use furnishings, colours and décor that represent their homes, their personalities and their sense of style. Businesses need a professional, high quality commercial environment to represent their brands and deliver excellent impressions for their clients.

Send the right message with beautiful worktops

Fitted worktops allow you to send the right message, whether it’s aimed at friends or clients.  In the 21st century, homeowners and businesses demand long-lasting, hard-wearing worktops that are customised exactly to their requirements. Today’s worktops have durability and style firmly in mind. Granite reflects light, helping to brighten up domestic and commercial environments, creating a sense of cleanliness, sophistication and charm that few other materials can provide.

Worktops revitalise the character of home and businesses

Diresco worktops are the perfect compliment for kitchens of all shapes and sizes and are manufactured with innovative composite material for maximum protection against the elements. Natural granite adds a wonderful sense of depth and vintage texture into your worktops, helping to unearth the aesthetic potential of your home or workplace.  Meanwhile, Quarella worktops are suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms and are extremely resistant to moisture, thanks to their minimal porosity.

Worktops can be tailored to many different environments

Granite is a very flexible product; it can be adjusted in many different positions and can adapt to a wide variety of environments, enhancing the beauty and radiance of your furnishings. If you are looking for better protection against bacteria and moisture, Silestone worktops are the perfect solution; designed with the finest natural materials and virtually non-porous. These worktops are among the most durable in the market and are available in a choice of 71 colours. Silestone utilises advanced technology to create a remarkably tough compound that is resistant to scratches and cracking in all types of domestic and business environments.

With fitted worktops, you can transform the look and feel of your home or businesses and realise its potential, creating uniformity and consistency that enhances and blends with your other furnishings.

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