Cool gadgets for modern kitchens

To create the perfect modern kitchen it is necessary to consider all aspects of your design.

To create the perfect modern kitchen it is necessary to consider all aspects of your design. Worktops are a good place to start, and there are number exquisite finishes available that will help you create the room of your dreams.

You could, for example, combine the sparkling Negro Diamante finish of the Compac worktops range with glossy white furnishings, black glass panels for splash backs and shining chrome fittings – effectively creating the perfect mono-chromatic look.

In a similar vein, Pure White Diresco worktops provide a perfect contrast to black furnishings and flooring.

Combining Quarella worktops in one of the ‘Luciente’ finishes – all of which incorporate reflective fragments – with strategically placed indirect lighting and chrome fittings and accessories will create an irresistible space-age shimmer.

Naturally, such modern designs call for the latest gadgets, and here are some of our favourites:

Milkmaid Milk Jug

Currently being tested by consumers, this little gadget consists of litre-sized container fitted with temperature, weight and pH sensors. It is designed to inform its owner, via text message, whether his or her milk is cold enough, how soon it will go off if not used, and how much milk is left.

Indispensable Coffee Dispenser

The Indispensable Coffee Dispenser is equally sleek and just as useful, at least for those enjoying their morning coffee. This glass and stainless steel gadget keeps coffee grounds fresh and dispenses them one teaspoon at a time directly into the espresso machine, coffee maker or coffee pot at the squeeze of a handle.

Salt and pepper grinders

A pair of stainless steel battery operated salt and pepper grinders would certainly also deserve a place in today’s modern kitchen. One-touch operation, an adjustable ceramic grinding system and a light source to illuminate the food about to be seasoned combine to make this a useful addition to any kitchen.

Other cool gadgets include:

  • The Ice Maker, which can turn two litres of water into ice cubes within 10 minutes
  • A stove top which uses induction technology to heat food and instantly recognises the shape, size and position of cookware
  • The three-in-one breakfast station, which makes toast, eggs and coffee at the same time
  • An espresso machine that can store and recognise several individuals’ fingerprints and their preferred coffee