Creating extra space in small kitchens

Many of today’s homes feature comparatively small kitchens and separate dining rooms.

Many of today’s homes feature comparatively small kitchens and separate dining rooms. While this is fine for some homeowners, others would prefer the two to be combined. This could be purely for convenience or to create more space in the kitchen as a whole.

The simplest way to combine these two rooms without actually moving the kitchen area into the dining room is to remove the dividing wall, assuming it is not a supporting wall, and replacing it with a peninsula. This can be created using base cabinets and a counter top constructed using, for example, Compac worktops.

These attractive, long-lasting worktops come in a multitude of finishes, as do Caesarstone worktops, making it possible to easily incorporate them into any design.

Silestone is another composite material available in a variety of finishes; Silestone worktops come in various vibrant colours that will add splashes of colour to more muted designs.

Any lost cabinet space resulting from the removal of the wall can be made up for through the base cabinets and, if necessary, floating shelves above the peninsula.

In addition to providing an extra workspace, the countertop on the peninsula can also double as a breakfast counter. Using foldaway stools will provide suitable seating without taking up large amounts of space.

Extra storage space can be generated by using pot racks, cabinets with layered storage, additional shelves in cabinets (most cabinets have sufficient, often wasted, space between shelves to add at least another two shelves per cabinet), cabinets of reduced depth, which can be positioned behind doors or near windows, or by sinking cabinets into walls wherever possible.

You can create additional space by using smaller appliances, such as a European style under-counter oven or built-in stove tops and hood/microwave combinations, as well as under-counter refrigerators and freezer drawers.

It is also possible to find 18-inch dishwashers that offer surprising amounts of interior space thanks to the well thought-out design of their racks.