Get ahead of the game with these predicted 2013 kitchen trends

Are you constantly eating out or phoning up the nearest takeaway for dinner?

Are you constantly eating out or phoning up the nearest takeaway for dinner? Our guess is you really don’t enjoy using your kitchen to cook. The chances are, you’re getting stressed out in the kitchen as you’ve yet to find a way to best make use of the space. Thanks to our handy guide to predicted design trends for 2013, you may be persuaded to put the takeaway menu back in the drawer, dig out the dusty pans and whip something special up in your own, well-organised kitchen space.

With a little design know-how and the perfect worktops (Caesarstone worktops are a great choice for busy families), your kitchen could fast become your go-to spot for socialising with friends and family.

Thankfully, kitchen designs are no longer merely functional – they reflect the way in which we spend time in our homes with our families. Social layout is as important as practicality in the kitchen, and everything from colour and lighting can affect how you feel about your kitchen.

The New Year offers lighter, neutral colours in terms of on-trend kitchen design. Think marble and stone dark work spaces or Compac worktops for a stylish, yet functional kitchen. Elsewhere in the kitchen, pale solid wood flooring remains a big hit, and LED lighting is taking the global interior design world by storm.

Try Silestone worktops, which are extremely easy to match to any décor and style. There’s a great range of colours available and these worktops offer anti-bacterial protection – ideal if you’ve got little ones.

Also perfect for busy families, Compac worktops are stain and moisture-resistant, as well as resilient to scratches and cracks. The hard-wearing qualities of worktops like this give you the added peace of mind when splashing out on a new kitchen.

A relatively easy way to ensure your kitchen is a great way for socialising is to break it up with a lounge area or huge table for enjoying a hearty meal at. It’ll really bring the whole family together and means that whoever is cooking is not shut off from everyone else.

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