Low cost quartz worktops offer maximum protection

Quartz composite worktops, like Diresco worktops, for example, consist mostly (at least 90 per cent) of natural quartz particles.

Quartz composite worktops, like Diresco worktops, for example, consist mostly (at least 90 per cent) of natural quartz particles. This natural material, which is second in abundance only to feldspar, has been used in the production of tools and building of structures for millennia, even as far back as the Stone Age.

Although quartz is naturally not quite as hard as granite, modern manufacturing processes, including the addition of a high quality resin, imbue this material with a hardness and durability that is second to none. Effectively, these processes make quartz work or countertops almost totally chip, crack, frost, heat and scratch resistant, as well as making them almost completely non-porous and subsequently both moisture and stain resistant.

As a result, Compac worktops and similar ranges are virtually indestructible, while being exceptionally easy to clean, hygienic and, like natural stone, highly attractive. Another advantage of manufactured quartz worktops is that they require practically no maintenance in order to retain their original shining beauty year after year of even after heavy use.

Because they are automatically sealed through the resin content, they never need resealing, unlike natural granite or marble. A simple clean with a damp cloth will keep them as hygienic and lustrous looking after years of use as they did on the day they were first installed. At an age where hygiene and protection against harmful bacteria are of ever increasing importance to most homeowners, this is a benefit not to be dismissed easily.

In addition to their longevity, Silestone worktops, the above mentioned products and other ranges are available in an array of attractive colours, patterns and textures, in spite of the fact that natural quartz is typically clear (with some variations caused by impurities introduced during the formation process).

This broad variety is achieved by the addition of colour pigments and particles of other materials, such as pebbles, glass and larger quartz fragments making it possible to find a worktop to match any colour, design or style of bathroom or kitchen.

Stylish, long lasting and easy to maintain, quartz worktops offer the perfect and affordable solution to all of today’s kitchen or bathroom requirements.

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