Real value worktops that match any décor or style

Professional designers often suggest using composite, or quartz, work or counter tops and tiles to finish off a project.

Professional designers often suggest using composite, or quartz, work or counter tops and tiles to finish off a project. What makes these surfaces so popular among designers, home owners and businesses alike is their hard wearing quality, good value for money and versatility.

For example, Quarella worktops consist of approximately 92 to 97 per cent of natural granite and/or quartz granulates bound together with a minimal amount of first rate resin. This makes them harder than natural granite; more or less completely non-porous and subsequently extremely moisture and stain resistant, also highly resistant to chipping, cracking and scratching. In addition, they are also frost and heat resistant, making them equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Available in a vast array of colours, textures and exciting finishes, which is achieved through the addition of pigments and various other differently shaped and sized particles of quartz, pebbles, glass and/or other materials, Quarella and Diresco worktops, as well as, for instance, Caesarstone worktops and other similar surfaces, are not only beautiful to look at, extremely hard wearing and low-maintenance, but they are also unbelievably versatile.

The huge choice of colours, textures and finishes, combined with available matching tiles, makes it possible to match these worktops to any colour scheme or style in a range of environments, from residential kitchens, bathrooms and bars to commercial settings like offices, reception areas, hospitals, restaurants, shops and more.

What’s more, a choice of varying thicknesses and the ability to cut these materials to any shape or size required makes them not only ideal for worktops, but allows them to be used as kitchen or bathroom sink tops and makes them a perfect addition to kitchen islands, where they provide not only an additional work surface, but can be used for dining, crafting, storage or any other desired purpose.

They also make excellent conference or dining tables; can be used around pedestals, fireplaces and window sills, and are even suitable for use on stairs. In short, composite worktops are the perfect, most hard-wearing and beautiful low-maintenance solution to any given home or business improvement/decorating project.

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