Zoning: The key to achieving an open plan kitchen design

Got a large, open plan kitchen?

Got a large, open plan kitchen? The good news is your home is bang on trend, but we know what you’re thinking – where do you put everything? While it’s lovely having a bit of extra space, it can be a challenge finding a spot for all your belongings. So what do you do? You turn to ‘zoning’, which simply involves separating the room by tasks.

Creating an open plan kitchen, if you don’t already have one, can be time-consuming, but once it’s finished you’ll find that it’s much easier to work and cook in. Quarella worktops are ideal for kitchens like this, offering great quality and excellent value for money. A practical choice for busy families, the worktops’ low porosity means they’re generally highly stain and moisture-resistant – ideal if you have young children!

Separate sections of your kitchen apart by adding convenient partitions, or even break them up with a big table or statement piece of furniture – it’s easy when you know how. You could even divide up your kitchen to include a mudroom or handy office area for working in while designating a place for the little ones’ belongings.

Why not wrap a wooden table around the end of a kitchen island, ensuring it’s well-placed for enjoying breakfast. Make the most of your Silestone worktops, too – they can be used for prettily storing spices, cereals and other foodstuff to free up some space.

No room for an office? Include a desk in your kitchen by creating a convenient corner in your open plan space. Or maybe you’d like to add a casual lounge area off your kitchen to add both colour and texture to the room?

There are plenty of great storage solutions to choose from, and Caesarstone worktops make perfect spaces for cooking and even working. Use shallow base units to create a handy area for office or homework in the open plan kitchen space to ensure you’re not shut off from the rest of your family while you’re busy meeting deadlines.

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