Honed Granite Worktops

There are several different finishes available for both marble and granite.
Granite finishes such as polished granite, honed granite and brushed granite are all individual choices according to taste.

Honed granite is a process of flattening the surface of the granite in order to give the worktop a flat low sheen without reflection. Honed granite gives the stone a matt finish, resulting in a velvet smooth surface with very little or no gloss.

Honed granite is a very durable and lasting material. It will have some degree of absorbency, therefore should always be sealed in order to preserve it.

Honed granite worktops are waterproof, heatproof and stain resistant. Honed granite is very easy to maintain and simply wipes clean.

It is also very hygienic, not allowing bacteria the opportunity to breed.

At The Marble Group, we are on hand to advise you on the best finishes for your honed granite worktop requirements.

honed granite worktops


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