Only three minerals are stronger than OKITE; diamond, sapphire and topaz.

Additionally, OKITE withstands limited exposure to normal cooking temperatures. Unlike marble or granite, OKITE does not require any special care or maintenance. It is resistant to staining, scratching and heat and features higher flexibility and strength as compared to other quarried stone, as well as its ability of not absorbing liquids.

With routine care, the remarkably low-maintenance OKITE® will preserve its look and beauty for years to come. In addition to the product’s proven performance qualities, OKITE® fulfils both decorative and specific design needs for commercial, institutional and residential applications.

Arabescato Verde Okite
Azul Macaubas Okite
Bianco Carrara Okite


Crema Botticino Okite
Crems Marfil Okite
Grigio Bardiglio Okite
Jerusalem Stone Okite
Marrone Emperador Okite
Rosso Verona Okite
Royal Brown Okite



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