Specialist Works

We understand that there are a lot of stone masonry companies located nationwide but we pride ourselves in knowing that we are unique, and here’s how:
kitchen worktop Edge detailing
Edge detailing

We are able to go beyond the standard edges that people expect from their kitchen worktop. We appreciate that pencil and standard edges are popular but here at The Marble Store we try and exceed expectations.

We have done some spectacular works in mitered edges which gives a thicker effect. Our finish is so good that one would not notice that we could use 20mm stone to make a 60mm worktop.

Another of our bespoke edges is our ogee on bullnose edge (see below) which has been featured in an article displaying the KBS kitchen of the year 2009.

We are able to do a birds beak, scallop and an Irish waterfall edge.

If someone wants to really be different we offer an innovative and original edge known as the Dupont over pencil that can only be perfected by the latest precision machinery and an extremely experienced stone mason. The uniqueness provides a truly phenomenal finish and adds a different level of luxury to a worktop.

Stone Mason Supplies


Our joints are flawless, near invisible and have been the corner stone of our business helping us enjoy repeat custom and countless recommendations.


Recess drainers are an extra many feel they cannot live without.


We have designed and installed bespoke fireplaces for hundreds of homes none more famous than that at 1 Hans Crescent (the building of flats that joins on to Harrods owned by them) on behalf of Harrods estates in the penthouse flat that recently sold for £68 million pounds – the currently most expensive flat in London, England and the world.

Semi precious-stone

cheap marble worktops

We have undertaken projects in yachts, hotels and luxury houses where we have been asked to source and install some of the rarest stones in the world. These products are expensive but definitely attainable and if you are interested then please contact us and we will organize a presentation of a number of these lavish jewel embedded stones.
The Concetto collection of hand crafted semi-precious stone surfaces combine practical luxury with elegant style. Concetto is ideal for diverse applications such as exclusive kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, luxurious tables, lavish floors and walls, elegant semi precious stone furniture, and more.

Concetto top-quality, luxury countertop surfaces are heat, stain and scratch resistant, requiring minimal maintenance.


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