Factors to consider when designing a kitchen

As the most frequently used room in a home, a kitchen has to be both a practical and pleasant area.

As the most frequently used room in a home, a kitchen has to be both a practical and pleasant area. This means a variety of factors has to be taken into consideration when remodelling or modernising a kitchen.

For most homeowners employing a professional designer is by far the wisest option, as their experience and skills in the industry will help to prevent many common pitfalls.

Naturally, the designer will need to know just what the homeowner expects their new kitchen to incorporate, and how the kitchen will be used. For example, will it be exclusively used to prepare meals, or is it going to double up as a dining and/or family room?

This means the homeowner needs to take note of the things they like about their current kitchen and the things they will want to change. Aspects like lighting, plumbing, placement of electrical outlets and the location of storage spaces and appliances, as well as general ease of traffic flow need to be considered.

In order to successfully incorporate appliances into the overall design, the designer will need to know the type (i.e. built-in or free standing) and dimensions of existing or intended appliances. To provide adequate and convenient storage space, it is also necessary to consider what needs to be stored and where the kitchen’s main user would like them to be placed.

In other words, the discussion needs to include where spices, oils, vinegars and other liquid food additives, cans, boxed foods, cooking implements, dishes, plates and so on will be situated. Finally, materials and colours of cabinets, worktops and fittings will have to be decided.

Oak or dark-stained wood cabinets and some of the earthen tones available in the range of Diresco worktops would fit seamlessly into the design of a traditional kitchen. For a very modern, mono-chromatic look, white cabinets with sparkling chrome fittings and one of the varying black finishes in the Caesarstone worktops range would combine beautifully, while some of the more vivid colours available in Compac worktops would add a touch of individuality and warmth to a light overall design.