How to choose the best worktop with a local granite, marble and quartz worktop fabricator for kitchen or business

Granite worktops, marble countertops and quartz worktops are superior worktops that never go out of fashion.

Granite worktops, marble countertops and quartz worktops are superior worktops that never go out of fashion. Why? With the right craftsmanship and finish, a timeless granite, marble or quartz worktop will give your kitchen or business a touch of elegance and luxury that cannot be obtained in any other way.

In today’s contemporary kitchen and open-plan living spaces, 20 – 30% of the aesthetic is dictated by your worktop. Thus, the finish and appearance of your countertop is more important than ever. The wrong worktop will instantly ruin the look and feel of your kitchen, open-plan living space or business.

How to choose the best worktop? Manufactured materials, stainless steel, wood and laminate worktops may come and go, but they don’t last. Like most manufactured products, laminate worktops are not built for the long haul and faddy materials are never practical in the long term.

Something we realise with increasing frequency as we turn our backs on more and more manufactured goods and choose local artisan suppliers located nearby.

For durability, a robust stone worktop that will withstand heat, water, chopping, as well as general wear and tear far outweighs the rest. When you choose a quality worktop it is always more affordable in the long run because it will outlast cheap kitchen worktops multiple times – plus it is a material that won’t get tired or go out of fashion.

This is where a local worktop fabricator can deliver something different for your kitchen or business. A stone worktop fabricator can produce a custom granite, quartz or marble kitchen countertop that is of an extra ordinary quality.

As experts in both knowledge and the fine craftsmanship of natural stone, a worktop fabricator can produce a custom worktop in a completely different league to those that you can obtain via a worktop showroom. Indeed, when you buy a worktop from a showroom they still have to turn to a stone fabricator for the actual crafting of the stone.

One of the biggest benefits? The cost of obtaining your natural stone worktop from a worktop fabricator will save you plenty of pounds too. Fabricators are artisan worktop specialists who work with granite, marble and quartz every day, creating and installing custom kitchen countertops for homes and decor for hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and offices.

A local worktop fabricator has access to an enormous volume of high-quality natural stone in a huge array of colours, finishes and hues. As a result they sell premium stone worktops at rates that worktop showrooms cannot compete with. The benefit for you? You get a premium custom worktop at a great price.

About custom worktops

And that’s not all. Let me give you a quick guide through how to choose the best worktop for your kitchen or business with a local stone worktop fabricator.

  • Direct to source: When you buy a granite, quartz or marble kitchen worktop from a kitchen worktop showroom they will send your order to a stone fabricator to craft the worktop for them. Buying your kitchen worktop directly from a worktop fabricator cuts out the middle man.Not only does this save you unnecessary extras within the process, it also means that you have direct control over the quality of the worktop that you receive. In recent years we have all been reminded just how much direct dealings ensure that we receive the highest quality end product that we desire and your local stone fabricator is no different.Conversing directly with your specialist local stone fabricator allows you to fully explore all of the best options for your kitchen or business. Without any hidden agendas an expert stone fabricator can provide all of the solid information that you need to make an informed decision about the best custom worktop for you.The information, service and choice that you can obtain from a local expert in stone fabrication who works with stone for a living, is unmatched by the personnel that you will encounter in a showroom. Armed with more knowledge, variety and expertise you will of course obtain an exceptional product with a flawless finish that perfectly suits your needs.

    Years of experience: A worktop fabricator has a rich and deep knowledge of granite, quartz and marble from years of experience of working with natural stone. At The Marble Store all of our fabricators bring at least seven years experience of working with stone, plus specialist expertise in particular types of stone to your consultation as well as the crafting and installation of your worktop.

    Personal, expert service from experienced local professionals with a passion for what they do is something that we all value so dearly now. With such a wealth of experience at your disposal you can be as creative with your design as you want.

  • Prized finish and quality: The difficulty in obtaining a fine worktop for your kitchen or installation for your business lies in the finish. Only the best skilled stone fabricators can produce a precise, flawless finish.The Marble Store is renowned across the UK for its phenomenal workmanship in producing kitchen worktops for homes all over the UK, as well as floors, walls, shower trays, columns and other installations for prestigious UK restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs and more.
  • Distinguished tools and craftsmanship: As artisan professionals, worktop fabricators have access to the finest and most up to date tools and technology that are essential for a pristine finish. Combining mastery of their craft and the best tools, a stone fabricator will produce a distinguished worktop that is guaranteed to add value to your home and significantly elevate the appearance of your kitchen or business.
  • Dedicated service: Today, we prefer artisan craftsmanship because it delivers the commitment, service and choice that was lost in mass-production. Stone fabrication is no different. Your local stone fabricator will create and install your worktop with respect for both your time, project and budget.Rather than pushing the latest line, they can take you through the enormous range of different types and brands of quartz, marble, granite and more that they have at their disposal, available in every type of colour, finish and hue.Whether you want more affordable granites or the finest marble, a stone fabricator has the connections, commitment and drive to deliver a tailored service and the fully custom product that is right for you and your home.They work to a tight schedule too, with templating across the UK within 48 hours at

    The Marble Store and your worktop finished and fitted within 7-10 days later. What more could you need?

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