Handle vs handleless kitchens. Which are best?

If you are pondering what looks better in a kitchen, it all depends on your own taste of course.

If you are pondering what looks better in a kitchen, it all depends on your own taste of course. In terms of drawer handles in your kitchen, many style and design gurus propose that handles are slowly being pushed out of the modern market, deemed too traditional.

However, there are two sides to this particular argument. Some traditionalists prefer the feel of a handle on the drawer face and the handle versus handleless debate will of course depend on the design of your kitchen.

By employing Compac worktops you can be sure of a style that matches your handles or lack thereof! Because Compac worktops come in a selection of different sizes and thickness, a wide variety of styles ensure that there won’t be any issues of clashed colours or conflicting material use in your kitchen.

In traditional country kitchens, a handleless kitchen face may not look quite right amidst this setting. Practical types might also lean towards handles and knobs as there is no fear of dirt gathering in the grooves whilst there is no time wasted feeling around for a groove to open up the drawer compartment.

Having said this, interior fashions are increasingly edging towards ethics of simplicity and space. These two words point in the direction of no handles. There is no fear of bumping into a handle in a simplistic kitchen and the threat of handles working themselves loose or falling off altogether is completely omitted.

Quarella worktops can easily work with both of these styles because this style of worktop comes in a range of different sizes and textures, perfect for each and every kitchen taste.

If you are simply seeking to upgrade your kitchen, Diresco worktops cover a range of designs that offer the buyer an array of textures that help compliment your desired kitchen feel.

This range comes in 25 different colours veering more towards popular hues. If you are concerned about matching handles with colour, we can assure you there will be something in this range that compliments whatever your taste.

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