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Granite worktops are renowned for their authentic textures and exceptional longevity.

Granite worktops are renowned for their authentic textures and exceptional longevity. Because of their high demand among buyers searching for home and business countertops quotes online, they are also a practical way to maximise the value of your home. It is easier than ever to search and buy high quality counter tops online thanks to the growing popularity of e-commerce among both businesses and consumers.

Our granite worktops are practically maintenance free

Our deluxe Silestone worktops are the perfect match for homeowners seeking a hygienic, versatile countertop that can be customised to their requirements. Our Silestone range is constructed with highly moisture and stain resistant materials and also provides special anti-bacterial protection. Choose from 71 colours and finishes, ranging from fine grains to deep patterns and simply clean them with a mild detergent to help them stay radiant and clean for years to come.

Tailor your granite counter tops to customise your kitchen makeover

Our Compac worktops boast hard-wearing specifications and a wide range of stylish finishes. They require little maintenance and can be kept clean with the simple application of a cloth or a mild detergent. Our Compac countertops are particularly resistant against cracking or chipping and are noted for their very low absorption rate, which helps them remain flawlessly smooth and clean.

The best modern technology for the most competitive online quotes

Our beautiful online range of Diresco worktops offer the very best in modern stone technology and are constructed with the finest quality granite granulates for longer durability. From clean white colours to deep pebble-like finishes, choose from a diverse selection of colours and finishes to create a harmonious furnishing for your kitchen. Our Diresco range is virtually non-absorbent and is largely resistant to even the toughest stains.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal complement for a contemporary or traditional kitchen, our eloquent granite worktops can instil radiance and sophistication into your home or workplace. Thanks to recent advances in technology and new innovations, granite countertops are becoming increasingly affordable online and are ideal for homeowners and business owners looking to transform a bland, traditional kitchen into a modern furnished masterpiece.

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