Why a stone fabricator is essential if you want to choose the best worktop for your kitchen, business or home.

When you are planning a kitchen renovation, a stone installation for your business or an update to your current granite, quartz or marble worktop, a stone fabricator probably isn’t at the top of your list.

When you are planning a kitchen renovation, a stone installation for your business or an update to your current granite, quartz or marble worktop, a stone fabricator probably isn’t at the top of your list. When we need a new worktop or stone surface the first question for most of us is which type of worktop should we choose.

It is well known that granite, marble and quartz worktops are the best type of worktops, however did you know that a local artisan stone fabricator is the defining element of any kitchen renovation or commercial design?

What is a stone fabricator?

A local stone fabricator is an artisan expert in crafting and installing stone worktops for kitchens, as well as installations for restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs and offices including fireplaces, shower trays, walls, floors and more.

Where does a stone fabricator fit within my kitchen worktop installation or commercial renovation?

Every stone worktop is crafted by a stone fabricator. When you purchase a stone worktop from a worktop showroom they will send your order to a stone fabricator to be turned into your desired design.

Ordering directly from a local stone fabricator provides you with complete control over the quality and finish of your order. The Marble Store are sought after across the UK for their flawless finish and exceptional craftsmanship. The best fabricated granite, marble or quartz worktops take years of experience and knowledge, as well as top equipment to create.

Choosing your granite, marble or stone fabricator yourself ensures that you get the highest level of service, finish and stone. A worktop fabricator can add the specialist knowledge, craftsmanship and equipment that makes your end product memorable. Thus, a stone fabricator is integral to the success of your kitchen or commercial renovation. With an expert stone fabricator you can obtain a remarkable finish and a premium product that endures.

The best stone fabricators will offer a complete service. The Marble Store are renowned for their exceptional and completely customised granite, quartz and marble fabrication service across the UK.

From consultation and design to the crafting and installation of your custom worktop or installation a stone fabricator can personally manage your project from beginning to end. With years of experience in crafting granite, quartz and marble on a daily basis, the quality of the service and product is unbeatable.

About custom granite, quartz and marble worktops

Why choose a local stone fabricator?

  • Appealing costs: A local stone fabricator has access to the highest quality quartz, marble and granite in the widest range of colours, hues and finishes. As specialist stone experts, stone fabricators obtain huge volumes of superior quartz, marble and granite at brilliant rates – a saving that they are able to pass on to you.With access to such a wide variety of natural stone, they can cater to the exacting cost or budget that you want to stick to. Whether you want more affordable granite, a rarer quartz or something that goes beyond the usual white, grey, black or white sparkle granite, a stone fabricator will have the vast range of options and suppliers to provide the precise material that you want.Best of all, there is no up selling or sales tactics. Just passionate and dedicated craftspeople who love what they do and know stone inside out. A refreshing change when you are ploughing through a kitchen or business renovation.
  • Renovations that add value: Produced by a skilled craftsman, your tailored, custom countertop is guaranteed to add extra value to your home or business, whilst delivering a superior aesthetic that is elegant, timeless and luxurious.
  • Extensive knowledge: Fabrication is a specialist, artisan craft. Choosing to buy your kitchen countertop or your commercial fireplace, flooring, columns, shower trays and other installations from an experienced expert means that you can benefit from their extensive knowledge of the industry.
    In addition to an enormous choice of more unusual colours, finishes, brands and hues, you can also be far more innovative and precise in what you order. With such a rich experience and range of tools at their disposal, the best stone fabricators, like The Marble Store have the capacity to produce just about any custom works that you desire.
  • Precision: When you are passionate about what you do perfection is everything. A granite, marble or quartz countertop designed, created and installed by a worktop fabricator delivers an immaculate finish that is unparalleled across the interior design industry.
  • Schedule: It goes without saying that a tailored service works because it goes the extra mile to satisfy your requirements and stone fabrication is no different. By choosing to get your kitchen worktop or stone installation from a stone fabricator you can guarantee that your renovation will remain on schedule.
    At The Marble Store, orders across the UK are templated within 48 hours with the installation completed within 7-10 days after.

Which kitchen worktop should you choose? Kitchen worktops vary greatly. Before you make a decision you can talk to a stone fabricator about what you need and they can use their expert knowledge and wealth of experience to suggest the right material that will suit you and your home long term. Your kitchen worktop should be a long term investment that will last for a long time – if you get the right one.

Where can I find a stone fabricator?

Some people think that you need to look for a specialist local granite fabricator, a quartz fabricator or a precision stone fabricator to get a custom granite, marble or quartz kitchen or worktop, but this is not true. A top quality stone fabricator like The Marble Store can design, fabricate and install your kitchen worktop, stone flooring, natural stone shower tray, stone columns, natural stone fireplace and many more stone installations for you.

As artisan stone craftspeople, they can work with a wide range of natural stone including quartz, granite and marble. The Marble Store have a huge array of stone to choose from and a variety of brands available. The range of brands includes: Silestone worktops, Samsung Radianz worktops, Caesarstone worktops, CRL Quartz worktops, Stone Italiana and more.

Before making a decision, check that the stone fabricator is an accredited, experienced and licensed stone fabricator with their own showroom, a documented work history and the latest equipment.

Your stone fabricator should create skilled drawings of your design and draw up a contract for the work. The Natural Stone Institute has a list of accredited fabricators on their website. Find them at naturalstoneinstitute.org. Alternatively your local stone yard will be able to recommend a reputable stone fabricator.

Find out more about obtaining your dream marble, quartz, granite or other natural stone worktop on our home page or by browsing our enormous range online. Alternatively contact us at: info@themarblestore.co.uk or talk to us on 0800 652 2013/ 0208 216 2051.

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