Arenastone is a naturally engineered stone made from naturally occurring quartz and special resins. It is ideally suited for kitchen and bar surfaces and high traffic flooring. Arenastone is manufactured in slab sizes 3050 x 1400mm, in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. It is possible to achieve 2 no. 700mm wide top runs from a slab. Tiles of Arenastone are available min. 12mm thick in modules from 300 x 300mm up to 600 x 600mm. There are a wonderful range of colours available.

Matching sealant colours allow for smooth, almost invisible seams. Arenastone worktops are available with a wide selection of edge profiles, including rounded, chamfer, standard bevel and more complicated profiles.

Arenastone Acqua Azzurra
Arenastone Acqua Azzurra

Arenastone Asti Bianco
Asti Bianco Arenastone
Arenastone Bianco Puro
Bianco Puro Arenastone

Arenastone Bianco Stelline
Bianco Stelline Arenastone
Arenastone Bianco Velvet
Bianco Velvet Arenastone

Arenastone Blu Stelline
Blu Stelline Arenastone
Arenastone Bruno Caffe
Bruno Caffe Arenastone

Arenastone Bruno Re
Bruno Re Arenastone



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