Arenastone is the perfect material for kitchen countertops, bathrooms and/or home (or professional) bars.

Extremely hard-wearing, Arenastone worktops are resistant to chips, extremes of temperature, moisture, scratches and stains, making them a popular, practical choice for high volume working environments.

Arenastone worktops can be installed to compliment any colour scheme and design, whether this may be contemporary, hyper-modern, minimal or traditional. Contact us to find out more.

What is it?

Arenastone is engineered using natural quartz granulates bound with resin. Pigments provide a range of colours, while pebble, shell, glass and other fragments allow for the creation of varying patterns and textures.

Diresco countertops

This process makes Arenastone almost completely non-absorbent, as well as providing it with incredible hardness. Arenastone worktops are, in fact, harder than granite, with only topaz, sapphire and diamond being harder than this material.

Colours and Finishes

Arenastone is available in a range of 31 colours, from whites, creams and browns through blues, greens and red to greys and blacks. The polished finishes include pebbled, marble and sparkling effects. Colour options for Areanastone worktops include:

Areanastone worktops
Asti Bianco, Blu Stelline, Bruno Re and Acqua Azzurra

Matching sealant colours allow for smooth, almost invisible seams. Arenastone worktops are available with a wide selection of edge profiles, including rounded, chamfer, standard bevel and more complicated profiles.


How to care for it

Arenastone worktops require only a minimum of care to maintain their beauty and lustre for years to come. Routine cleaning can be done using paper towels or a soft damp cloth and, if required, a little mild detergent. Once clean, the Arenastone countertop should be rinsed and dried thoroughly.

Although Arenastone is virtually indestructible, the following precautions will prevent incurring unforeseen damages:

  • Wipe up spills, especially those involving liquids such as citric and other fruit or vegetable juices, soda, tea, vinegar or wine, immediately
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners/pads on Arenastone worktops
  • Use trivets/ heat mats to prevent damage through extreme, sudden temperature changes
  • Prevent scratching Arenastone countertops by using chopping boards

The following chemicals and solvents should be kept well away from Arenastone worktops:

  • Bleach
  • Furniture/ paint strippers containing methylene chloride or trichlorethane
  • Nail varnish remover
  • Oil soaps
  • Permanent inks/markers

Design Suggestions

  • The sparkling black Nero Stelline finish is perfect for creating a hyper-modern kitchen.
  • Contemporary kitchens will benefit from the addition from Arenastone worktops in a white or pale grey finish, such as, for instance, Grigio Venato.
  • Soave Madreperla, a beige finish with shell/mother of pearl fragments is ideal for traditional designs, especially when combined with dark wood furnishings.
  • Combining Arenastone countertops in the sparkling red Rosso Stelline finish with red glass splash backs will add a bold statement and individuality to modern kitchens.


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