With a strength exceeding that of marble and granite and an absorption rate of only 0.022% it’s easy to see why Okite worktops are so popular.

A wide range of available textures and colours adds to the popularity of Okite countertops, allowing them to fit well into any style or design of a kitchen, regardless of the colour scheme and other materials used. Contact us to find out more.

What is it?

Okite consists of approximately 93% natural quartz particles and fragments of other materials to create texture and pigments which generate a wide range of colours. These ingredients are bound together with a minimal amount of high quality polyester resin which is responsible for the low porosity of Okite worktops.

Compac countertops

Colours and Finishes

Okite countertops are currently available in 30 attractive colours and textures, including blacks, whites, greys, blues, creams and browns. All colours and textures are available in a polished finish, and textures vary from fine grains and pebbles to bold marble-like effects, as you can see in the four examples below:

Okite countertops
Grigio Scuro, Matera, Nordico and Prisma Azul Macaubas


How to care for it

Okite only requires a bare minimum of maintenance. Warm water, mild detergents and a soft cloth are sufficient for routine cleaning. While it is necessary to thoroughly rinse and dry your countertop often,  polishing and resealing are not required.

Although Okite worktops are incredibly durable and extremely stain resistant, avoid any contact with nail varnish remover, bleach, paint strippers, oil soaps, permanent inks or markers, or abrasive cleaning agents. Do use chopping boards and heat mats to avoid accidentally damaging your Okite countertops. Also remove spills immediately, especially if vinegar, citric juices, soda, wine or tea is spilled.

Design Suggestions

  • Okite Jerusalem Stone adds a light, yet warm contrast to dark woods and muted earth tones in a country kitchen.
  • Okite countertops in the cream and blue-marbled Azul Macaubas finish are perfect if combined with shells, marine life prints and similar accessories and decor in bathrooms.
  • The deep colour and dark marbling of Royal Brown Okite worktops mixes extremely well with light or medium dark woods in rustic, contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.


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