Quarella offers an exceptionally durable range of worktops suitable to be used not only in kitchens, but also for bathrooms and an array of other residential and commercial environments.

Quarella worktops are one of the most practical, popular choices currently available on the market for multiple reasons. Its low porosity leads it to be both highly stain and moisture resistant, its strength is rivalled only by the diamond, and low maintenance requirements make it easy to maintain. Contact us to find out more.

What is it?

Quarella countertops consist of a blend of approximately 95 per cent natural quartz granulates, particles of pebbles, glass or quartz in varying colours, sizes and shapes which create a range of textures, and a minimal quantity of bonding resin.

Quarella countertops

This blend, formulated within the company’s own research and development department, is responsible for both the strength and incredibly low absorption rate of Quarella.

Colours and Finishes

Quarella worktops are currently available in a range of 37 exquisite colours and textures. Colour choices include blacks, greys, blues, pinks and greens, as well as a selection of browns, creams and whites.

Different Quarella worktops include rock fragments of various sizes and even particles of crushed mirror, giving each finish a unique character. All Quarella countertops are polished to provide sparkling elegance. The following four examples show the quality and diversity of Quarella options:

Quarella countertops
Blanco Arco Iris, Celeste Luciente, Evo Nero and Marron Glace



How to care for it

Quarella surfaces can be kept clean using only water and a cloth. Stubborn spills can be cleared easily with a mild detergent. It is essential to thoroughly rinse off any detergent remnants before allowing your Quarella worktop to dry.

To ensure Quarella countertops are not subjected to the risk of damage or staining, avoid contact with paint removers, nail varnish remover, bleach, oil soaps, permanent inks, and abrasive cleaning agents. In order to prevent further accidental damage, do use chopping boards and trivets to prevent scratching and heat damage.
Design Suggestions

Highlight the effects of Quarella Luciente finishes by strategically placing indirect lighting, which can dramatically alter the overall appearance of a modern kitchen.
Quarella worktops in New Rubino, a warm red colour with different coloured flecks, combine well with light woods, glossy white and sparkling gold or chrome fittings.
Combining the pink Rosa Luciente with dark woods, indirect lighting and crystal accessories will add special ambience to traditional kitchens.


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