Our Story

Behind every great company is a story that encapsulates how it all began. The Marble Group is no different, and the deep personal investment of its founders is palpable in the heartfelt service we provide.

Like all of life’s best ideas, The Marble Group was born during a chat in a bar over a few too many drinks. The year was 2006 and two young men, Michael and Theo, were enjoying their holiday in the sun. On one evening, they began a conversation about their careers and what they wanted for themselves in the future. Michael, then twenty-two and a talented stonemason, confessed that he had been wanting to begin a business venture in fabricating and installing kitchen worktops, but had no experience or knowledge of starting and running a business. Theo, just twenty-three himself, already had good experience in the business and saw an opportunity for the two to collaborate their areas of expertise. To Michael he simply said ‘I will get you the customers, you make the worktops!’ They devised a business plan over the remainder of their holiday, and set to work once they returned to England. The first step on their agenda was to acquire premises where they could carry out fabrication. Theo, being an opportunistic business person and wanting to minimise start-up costs, found the perfect premises they could use rent free, his parent’s garage. Shortly after, the first worktop was produced and fitted into Theo’s home. The Marble Group was officially registered as a business in May 2007 and began its journey as a company. The letters TMG have a double meaning, not standing just for The Marble Group, but also for Theo, Michael and George (Theo’s father and company secretary) as they were the founders.

Business slowly began to pick up, mostly serving local businesses who required granite or quartz worktops. They then secured a larger job in a nightclub called the ‘Opera House’, located in Tottenham, North London. At this point, word spread about two young boys who were offering a great service at very affordable prices, and more sales began to roll in from private customers. After around a year of hard work, the business began to gather pace, and the boys outgrew the constraints of Theo’s parents garage. After some searching, they found a great yard in London Conley that they could rent, and they began to approach kitchen showrooms in the hope of being able to service them and their customers

The business steadily expanded over the seven years that followed, as Michael and Theo acquired more business and more staff to cope with the demand. Michael oversaw all production and Theo concentrated on the sales expansion of the business. The time came when they had outgrown the yard that they were renting, and the transformative decision was made to purchase a twenty-thousand square foot factory in Welham Green in May 2015. This was a huge advancement for the company and marked a move to become more than just a fabricator. The move represented a fresh start for the business, and so the decision was taken to overhaul the logo. The redesign was a team effort, and staff contributed their ideas until a decision was made. Our new company logo features a circle that represents
unity, and the peaks on the enlarged letter ‘M’ reflect the mission to ‘build a cathedral’ together.

The Marble Group has now been trading for over ten years and has increased its turnover by around 50% in both sales and in volume of staff. The company aspires to exceed excellence not just in our business and how we service and care for customers, but in how we invest in and support our staff. The journey has been an incredible one so far, and the future for the company is bound to be just as bright.


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