Stone Italiana

Stone Italiana countertops and tiles provide the perfect solution to any surface requirement because they are moisture resistant, resistant to extreme temperatures and almost impossible to chip, stain or scratch.Contact us to find out more.

What is it?

Stone Italiana countertops are manufactured by combining quartz and marble granulates with a very small quantity of high quality resin pigments and varying fragment sizes to create a selection of attractive textures. They are also scratch-resistant and non-porous.

Fragments may be of a uniform size and colour to create a grainy or small pebble-like texture They could also include large, sometimes multi-coloured pieces of shell, quartz or glass, such as in the Lido, Campiello and Tuttifrutti Stone Italiana finishes.

While most of the currently available Stone Italiana countertops feature polished surfaces, some are also available unpolished.

Colours and finishes

Stone Italiana is offered in a wide variety of colours and finishes which aim to reflect nature and its beauty. This quality is seen in the four examples below:

Stone Italiana countertops
Azurine, Brilliante Bruno, Mais and Lido Quartz


Stone Italiana

How to care for it

Stone Italiana surfaces require very little maintenance. Regular cleaning with mild detergents, a soft cloth and water will keep the surface of Stone Italiana worktops shining beautifully for years. Industry experts do, however, suggest a handful of simple, yet important measures to prevent incurring accidental damages to Stone Italiana countertops, such as never using abrasive cleaning agents, bleach, oil based soaps, paint thinners, permanent inks and nail varnish remover. They also recommend the use of chopping boards and heat mats whenever necessary.

Design Suggestions

  • Tuttifrutti is one of the many Stone Italiana surfaces that perfectly combines with multi-coloured accessories, brightly coloured Murano glass vases, pendant light fittings, and any type of wood to create a modern, playful atmosphere.
  • Stone Italiana worktops in the vivid red and dark-flecked Brilliante Vivo finish make a bold statement yet add warmth to kitchens with white or light wood furniture, especially if combined with splash backs in a similar colour.
  • For a Stone Italiana countertop that is a little more traditional, the unpolished, creamy Thyme finish works extremely well with dark woods, ceramics in earthen tones and bronze or gold fittings.


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