About Us

The Marble Group are one of the UK’s premier fabricators of stone worktops, with over eighteen years of experience in both the stone and sales industries. We offer a highly specialised service of design and fabrication that ensures the seamless management of your project from start to finish. Our passionate team of skilled masons and workmen strive to provide a superior finish. This is enabled by our sustained investment in the latest technology machinery that allows us to adapt to the emergence of new and evolved materials. Our company ethos is to provide an unrivalled service in stone fabrication, consistently exceeding the expectations of all clients, from the needs of the individual customer to the professional requirements of commercial clients.

What makes The Marble Group different?

The Marble Group prides itself on a set of core values that centre on providing the most esteemed level of customer service. We invest in the nurturing and development of all our employees, which is reflected in the passion and dedication displayed by every member of our team to ensure you have the best experience possible. Our growth as a company has always stemmed from our practiced ability to be flexible to our customer’s individual needs, from residential projects to large-scale commercial developments. Our refined knowledge of the industry and our collective experience as a company and of our highly skilled team members serves to secure our place as leaders in the field. We are committed to a journey of growth, innovation and improvement, which is reflected in our consistently high standard of work. Whilst mistakes may occur, we view them as learning opportunities and make it our top priority to rectify them as quickly as possible, ensuring the customer is left absolutely satisfied. In addition to this, we place a ten year guarantee on our workmanship. Selecting The Marble Group as your service provider is an enduring investment that you will not regret.

What We Offer

There are a multitude elements that build our full service package. It is the accumulation of all the smaller details that make our business different and maintains our customer’s ultimate satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the following:
  • Turnaround time – With our efficient and highly skilled team, we are able to process your work as quickly as possible. We can schedule templating with around two to three working days notice, and it takes us between seven to ten working days to fabricate and ultimately install your worktop. This calculated time-frame allows us to perform our craftwork to the highest standard whilst still processing your product in a timely and convenient manner.
  • Gold-Approved Fabricator status – We have obtained premier fabricator acknowledgement from Cosentino, industry leaders in composite and natural stone production. Cosentino produce all Silestone, Dekton and Sensa Granite products, some of the most popular materials currently on the market. You can be totally assured and trust in the quality of our service and our capacity to work seamlessly with premium products. Due to our close relationship with such companies, to include notably also Caesarstone, Neolith, Unistone and Compac, we are able to negotiate the best possible material costs, which is reflected in our competitive pricing scheme.
  • In-house fabrication – All manufacturing of stone surfaces occurs in our impressive twenty-thousand square foot factory based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Housing some of the most sophisticated and innovative machinery, including our most recent investment in a water-jet. All our highly proficient and experienced masons are fully-employed and take immense pride in their work, which is evident in the finished product installed in your home. We ensure all necessary preparations of the worktop are carried out at the factory, so that on-site installation is as simple and clean as possible.
  • Complimentary display service – We offer gratuitous fabrication and installation of display worktops for kitchen showrooms who we supply. Under agreement of further work together, we will happily update current displays or contribute to the design of new installations.
  • Rapid response for quotations – Our in-house estimators guarantee return of your quotations within three hours, upon submission of a kitchen plan.
  • Expert finishings – We utilize the latest precision technology and equipment to ensure that any joints present on the worksurface are the sealed to the tightest capacity possible within the industry.
  • Experienced and highly qualified staff – All of our staff are highly trained and eager to provide the best and most extensive service. We are able to assist in your design service on both a technical and an aesthetic level. We will always update you on monitored trends in stonework and provide technical solutions should a client make an intricate or specialized specification. You can then reflect knowledge passed onto you to the client, so that they understand they are in highly capable hands.
  • Training sessions for your members of staff – Representatives of our company can perform training days upon request, where they will meet with members of your team at your preferred venue and provide invaluable information on worktop products and specifications. These enable your staff to feel entirely confident and to conduct themselves professionally when discussing worktops with clients. This in turn will show clients that they can trust in your staff and guarantees a better service for them.
These are just a few of the outstanding aspects of our unrivalled service. We place the customer’s needs and satisfaction at the heart of all that we do, which is reflected in the pride and expertise that goes into each and every piece of work that we do.

Get to know us

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