Colour-coated glass is often used by interior designers and architects to add a certain wow-factor to kitchens, bathrooms and a host of other settings. From glass worktops to splash backs and shelves the possibilities are seemingly limitless.

Cut to fit perfectly around fixtures and fittings, glass countertops and splash backs feature clean, smooth lines that provide an elegant appearance to any bathroom or kitchen. Contact us to find out more.

What is it?

The glass used for worktops, countertops, and splash backs is created especially to ensure higher impact resistance and prevent cracking or peeling caused by heat and moisture.

There are two main types of glass used in the manufacturing of glass worktops, namely standard float glass and diamant glass. The former has a slightly green tinge, making it suitable for darker colours, while the latter is the clearest option available. This makes it particularly suitable for use on glass countertops in lighter colours, as variations in colour are minimised.

Completely non-transparent, colour-coated glass can be used on any other surface or walls, without the possibility of defects being visible.

Colours and Finishes

Glass worktops are available in thousands of attractive colours, which include the whole palette of Dulux and RAL colours, making it easy to find the perfect choice to match any design, colour scheme and style. An example of a colour palette can be seen below:

Glass countertops
the purple colour range





How to care for it

Completely non-porous and highly hygienic, glass countertops are easy to maintain and clean using a soft cloth and water with a mild soap if necessary. These surfaces will look like new once rinsed thoroughly and dried.

Although toughened glass is extremely hard-wearing and will withstand regular household use with ease, one should avoid dropping heavy objects or using abrasive substances or cleaning pads on the countertops. Scratching and cracking can also be prevented by always using chopping boards and using trivets under hot saucepans.
Design Suggestions

Black splash backs combined with black worktops and glossy white cabinets add dramatic effect to monochromatic kitchens.
Bright yellow surfaces bring a touch of sunlight into kitchens using fairly dark wood. The effect can be maximised by using pendant lights and accessories in matching colours.
Glossy black cabinets, lots of crystal, sparkling chrome accessories and fittings combined with white glass worktops and splash backs create a hyper-modern environment.


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