silestone-gold-partnerEasy to match to any decor and style, thanks to a huge range of colour options, Silestone is the only product of its kind with anti-bacterial protection for added surface hygiene.

Found in buildings across the world, Silestone is a unique mixture of advanced technology and top quality natural materials. Contact us to find out more.

What is it?

Silestone countertops consist of natural quartz granulates(around 94 per cent), resin varying pigments and quartz or pebble fragments.

Silestone countertops

Almost completely non-porous, this tough compound is extremely stain and moisture resistant. Anti-bacterial protection makes it one of the most hygienic countertops available and its strength and durability provide high resistance to chipping, scratching and cracking.

Colours and Finishes

Silestone worktops are currently available in a palette of 71 colours, which ranges from whites and creams to reds, browns and blacks to the pastel family of yellows, oranges, greens, and blues.

With the weight and feel of natural stone, Silestone countertops range from single pure colours with a fine grain, to bold, large patterns with pebble fragments of various sizes. Finishes include polished surfaces and leather effects, as seen in the following four examples:

Silestone countertops
Alpina White, Jatoba, Kona Beige and Zirconium



How to care for it

Routine cleaning with mild detergents, water and soft cloths will keep a Silestone worktop beautiful for years. Despite having minimal cleaning requirements, experts suggest a few simple, yet vital precautions to prevent accidental damages to Silestone countertops. Do not use oil soaps, bleach, abrasive cleaning agents, permanent inks, nail varnish remover or paint thinners. Also, make sure to use protective chopping boards and trivets and remove spills of wine, citric juices, tea, vinegar, soda and similar fluids immediately.
Design Suggestions

Silestone worktops in Amarillo Palmira, Brazilian Brown or Mountain Mist finishes combine perfectly with decorative ceramic vases, floral curtains, and medium to light wood furniture to create a country kitchen atmosphere.
Silestone countertops in finishes like the bright Magenta Energy, Azul Enjoy or Naranja Cool are perfect for adding warmth and a little individuality to modern bathrooms and kitchens alike.
The pale green Silestone finish Verde Fun is perfect for both modern and contemporary kitchens, and will blend well with all shades of cabinets and fun-filled accessories in a range of complimentary or contrasting colours.


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