Moisture, stain, heat and scratch resistant, Cimstone countertops are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and other high-traffic working areas.

A wide selection of stylish, elegant finishes means that Cimstone worktops will compliment any style of kitchen, from traditional or contemporary to minimalist or ultra-modern designs.Contact us to find out more.

What is it?

Cimstone countertops are created by combining 93% natural quartz granulates (quarried in prime locations around the world) with a polyester resin.

Cimstone countertops

Textures and colours are achieved through the addition of quartz, pebble, glass or other fragments of varying colours, shapes and sizes to the base constituents of Cimstone.

The combination of quartz granulates and resin results in Cimstone worktops being harder than even granite only sapphire, topaz and diamond are harder). Cimstone countertops have a minimal rate of absorption and are also both frost and heat resistant.

Colours and Finishes

Cimstone offers a fine selection of 17 beautiful colours and textures, all of which are available in polished finishes, with some also being available in a velvet finish.

Colours of Cimstone worktops that are available include whites, creams, reds, greens and blues, as well as greys and blacks, including the following examples:

Cimstone countertops
Oasis, Kutna, Conran and Recife



How to care for it

Virtually maintenance free, Cimstone worktops can be kept at their shining best by routinely cleaning with soft damp cloths or paper towels. If necessary, a small quantity of mild detergent can be added to warm water.

While Cimstone worktiops have a hardness degree of seven (Mohs scale), making them incredibly resistant to abrasion and scratching, it’s best to follow a few simple steps to maintain the elegant beauty of Cimstone countertops for many years.

  • Avoid Cimstone coming into contact with strong cleaners such as bleach and furniture or paint strippers
  • Using chopping boards
  • Using trivets or heat mats
  • Avoiding abrasive pads and/ or cleaning agents
  • Wiping up spills as quickly as possible (especially juices, tea, soda, wine or vinegar)

Design Suggestions

  • The Conran finish (shown above) adds a colourful, playful touch to contemporary or modern kitchens.
  • Mirat, a very pale finish with quartz/glass fragments of varying sizes and colours is perfect as an addition to bathrooms with a marine theme.
  • Rustic, country kitchens can be finished to perfection with Cimstone worktops in the Nevers or Lapaz finishes.


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