Compac composite worktops are stain and moisture resistant, in addition to being resilient to chips, cracks, scratches and extreme temperatures.

These hard-wearing qualities, combined with highly attractive colours and finishes, make Compac worktops the perfect solution for surfaces in bathrooms, bars and kitchens – in both residential and commercial settings.

The extensive selection of stylish colours and finishes allows for Compac countertops to be used within any setting, whether the design happens to be modern or traditional, contemporary, rustic or minimalist. Contact us to find out more.

What is it?

Available in thicknesses of 20, 30 and 50 mm, Compac worktops are engineered to combine natural quartz granulates of the highest grade and resin with a variety of pigments and other particles to create a comprehensive range of textures and colours.

Compac countertops

Characterised by extreme hardness, which is only exceeded by stones like topaz, diamond and sapphire, Compac countertops have an extremely low absorption rate, which makes staining them virtually impossible.

Colours and Finishes

The 72 colours/finishes available within the Compac range include whites, pinks, creams and greens, blues, greys, purples, blacks and more. Textures range from pure colours through grainy effects and worktops including glass, pebble, quartz and other fragments of varying sizes. Compact worktops are also available in bold marble-effect finishes like Coralito or Emperador.

The range of Compac countertop colours and textures is available in polished, matt and/or honed finishes. This variety makes it possible to find a Compac finish to match virtually any design, style or colour scheme, including these four choices:

Compac countertops
Azabache, Kenya, Lactea and Titaneo



How to care for it

Compac worktops require very little in terms of maintenance. Resealing or polishing Compac countertops is not required at any point. A soft cloth (or even paper towels), a little warm water and, if necessary, a mild detergent to remove stubborn spills are all that is required for routine cleaning.

To prevent mishaps likely to damage Compac surfaces, avoid contact with materials such as permanent markers, paint strippers, oil soaps, bleach or nail varnish remover.

Using heat mats (or trivets) and chopping boards, avoiding abrasive cleaners and cleaning pads, and ensuring spills (in particular spills of vinegar or wine, fruit/citric juices, tea or soda) are wiped up immediately will all assist in preserving the elegant lustre of Compac worktops for years.

Design Suggestions

  • Compac countertops in warm red, purple or brown colours add warmth and elegance to contemporary kitchens with comparatively light wood furniture.
  • Black with sparkling fragments of different sizes, Negro Diamante will create a modern, space-age look if combined with glossy white cabinets and sparkling polished chrome fittings.
  • The green, grainy textured Apple finish will combine beautifully with earthen tones, flowers and basket ware for a country kitchen design.


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