Finishing a kitchen or bathroom to perfection is made easy with Diresco worktops. Modern or contemporary kitchens benefit as much from the addition of Diresco worktops as traditional designs. Bathrooms of any size, shape or colour can also be enhanced to look stunning with Diresco countertops. Contact us to find out more.

What is it?

Diresco is a composite material manufactured using the latest in natural engineered stone technology.

Diresco countertops

Consisting of a combination of natural quartz and/or granite granulates, varying pigments, different sizes of other particles to add texture and resin, Diresco worktops have extreme strength and hardness, comparable only to natural stones like diamond, or sapphire and topaz.

The resin component also makes Diresco surfaces almost totally non-absorbent, leaving them highly resistant to the effects of moisture and staining.

Colours and Finishes

Available in anticato and polished finishes, Diresco worktops come in a selection of 25 colours, iincluding whites, greys and blacks, as well as various creams and browns.

Diresco countertops offer textures ranging from a very fine, sand-like effect to much bolder patterns – incorporating pebble-like fragments of varying shapes, sizes and colours, including these four options:

Diresco countertops
Beach Africal, Beach Dark Grey, Beach Taupe and Beach White



How to care for it

Maintenance requirements for Diresco surfaces are minimal. Routine cleaning involves nothing but a damp cloth. If spills have been allowed to dry into stubborn stains, a mild detergent and warm water will help to remove them.

As hardwearing and durable as Diresco worktops are, a few simple measures to prevent accidental damage are advisable.

Contact with solvent/chemical substances should be avoided, as they are likely to stain or remove the finish of Diresco worktops. such substances include nail varnish remover, chloride based paint strippers, bleach, oil soaps and permanent markers or inks.

Additional precautions should also be taken to ensure the lustre of Diresco countertops remains beautiful for many years. Suggestions such as the use of chopping boards and heat mats, the avoidance of abrasive pads and cleaners and the immediate removal of all spills.
Design Suggestions

A breakfast bar in the Diresco Risotto Crema finish will look even more effective if accompanied by gold or bronze fittings and medium to dark wood.
The trend towards even colours for kitchen worktops, such as white, black, brown and beige, is perfectly suited to the Diresco colour range.
The earthen tones of Diresco worktops in the Beach Africa finish mix well with light woods, creams and yellows.
Bathrooms with a tropical theme involving animal and/or palm tree prints and wicker furniture can be rounded off perfectly with the slightly sandy colour and effect of Diresco countertops in the Premium Cotton Beige finish.


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