Nature created diamonds; Diresco created Diresco Stone. This compound stone is composed of granite or quartz granules and resin. A unique manufacturing process bonds these two natural materials into an incredibly strong product that is comparable to diamond.

Diresco Stone is more wear and water resistant, colourfast and corrosion resistant than the most durable natural stone and has excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability.
We are increasingly using this material as it looks like natural stone but has many advantages, mainly that it is very predictable with few if any variations and is extremely strong thus ideal for larger trays. For contemporary applications the Greys are very popular, for a natural look the Crema is the material of choice. The material is also available in a Polished, Honed or Flamed finish.

Beach Africa Diresco

Diresco Beach Black
Beach Black Diresco
Diresco Beach Dark Grey
Beach Dark Grey Diresco

Diresco Beach Iceberg
Beach Iceberg Diresco
Beach Medium Grey Diresco

Beach Taupe Diresco
Beach White Diresco
Belgian Blue Diresco



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