Current trends in kitchen design

While some design elements are very much tied to a specific style, others work with a variety of types of kitchen.

While some design elements are very much tied to a specific style, others work with a variety of types of kitchen. Shaker-style cabinets, for instance, provide a fundamental element in contemporary, cottage, country and traditional kitchens.

As far as finishes for cabinets are concerned, the current trend is to combine dark and light areas of colour. In addition to creating a statement, this contrast also adds a certain richness of style to the overall design.

Stone counter tops are not only beautiful to look at, they are also extremely hard wearing, a quality of high importance an area that sees a lot of activity, such as a kitchen. Compac worktops offer a whole range of finishes suitable to match, compliment or contrast any décor, as do Silestone worktops.

Ceaserstone is another product that provides and elegant and varied selection of finishes. Compac, Silestone and Caeasarstone worktops are all created from composite stone and as such are available in a huge range of colours.

Using counter tops at multiple levels – a solution particularly effective when used on a peninsula or kitchen island – provides space for a host of activities, from food preparation and dining to children’s home work.

Many of today’s kitchens also include a wine storage area. According to wine connoisseurs, this option is preferable to wine refrigerators, as many wines will age much better when not kept cold. Pantry areas are also highly popular, as they provide the necessary storage space to keep counter tops free from clutter.

Keeping rubbish out of sight with the help of pull-out waste bins is an asset in any kitchen – in addition to saving space, most pull-out facilities also make it easier to remove full bags too.

Wood flooring, especially oak, maple or hickory and wide-plank options, is at the top of the list of consumer choices. Another popular, Eco-friendly choice is sustainable flooring, such as cork or bamboo. Bamboo in particular is a favourite, as it is both hardwearing and elegant.

For lighting requirements, LED is unparalleled in terms of concentration, brightness and cost-efficiency. This type of lighting is especially effective in task lighting, making it perfect for the use in kitchens.