Mixing wood with painted finishes: Scandinavia's gift to the UK

The buzzword of late is all things Scandinavian and its incorporation within the household.

The buzzword of late is all things Scandinavian and its incorporation within the household. This is because the Scandinavian interior theme has meant that wood furnishings are back in vogue, and so is a simplistic finish.

There is almost a throwback to the minimalism that everyone went crazy for in 90’s interiors and many tradespeople would say that we could thank the Scandinavians for this simplistic design. Compac worktops are stain and moisture resistant and can help contribute to these principles.

Wood offers a feeling of warmth to a house – it traps heat and adds a soft finish to a kitchen. All things wooden in the household have a certain affinity with the kitchen. It is the room that utilises woodwork the most in the average household.

Once upon a time, wood came in two packages- sanded or varnished. However, modern designers and engineers have transformed wood into a more desirable household staple and more and more people are using it as a platform to show off their taste in colours and textures that can too be enhanced via installing Caesarstone worktops.

Mixing wood with different paints can liven up colour schemes and dress up a kitchen. A keen eye could easily work Silestone worktops into a clever and fashionable colour scheme.

If you plan to use different types of wood in your house, tread carefully. Experts say that clashing wood colours and wood types is like mixing different shades of denim – it can either be a triumph or a disaster.

If you intend on using multitudes of wood in your kitchen, push the boat out and be daring with your colour palettes so that bare wood is not competing with additional bare wood. Remember how easy it is to paint wooden panels and how effective the finished look can turn out.

Use your kitchen worktops as a centrepiece with your choice of wood playing a secondary role. If you don’t have the means to hire an interior designer, don’t let this put you off experimenting via a budget effective solution if you are looking to add a certain flair into the final outcome.

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