Improving transport links along the river is drawing more young individuals.

Improving transport links along the river is drawing more young individuals.

Tenants will be glad by the news that developers are ready to step up house building projects alongside the Thames, and many will look forward to the improved number of properties that these developments will carry.

Thousands of new homes are designed in areas such as Greenwich Peninsula, Royal Docks, and Woolwich, which will offer a massive increase to the capital’s rental population.

These areas are set to become vastly popular amongst young professionals. The pleasing ambiance of residing alongside the river, as well as improving transport links which will accelerate commutes to Canary Wharf and the City, will invite more renters to the area.

Good transport infrastructure remains as the main key to the popularity and attractiveness of an area. The improved number of river bus services on offer in many of these riverside locations is drawing developers and is resulting in a surge of people to the area.

Transport for London has also just announced alteration to fares on River Bus services, enabling passengers to utilize Oyster pay as you go on their trip and thus, eventually saving them money.

London’s rental residents will be positive by the escalating options accessible to them. Riverside properties are frequently viewed as something of a status symbol, and the improving transport links will only make these areas even more desirable to live in.