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For most home owners, remodelling a kitchen is not just about appearance, but also about adding lasting value to their home.

For most home owners, remodelling a kitchen is not just about appearance, but also about adding lasting value to their home. This makes natural stone worktops a necessity, and one of today’s most popular choices is the extremely hard wearing, stylish range of granite worktops.

Composed predominantly of feldspar, mica and quartz, this igneous rock is extremely durable, stain and scratch resistant, almost impervious to damage through heat and waterproof resistance. Because the surfaces are sealed, granite tops are exceptionally easy to clean, and maintenance typically requires only the occasional re-sealing. The durability and ease of maintenance of granite is, as a matter of fact, only rivalled by composite materials, such as Diresco worktops, for instance.

Quarried around the world, granite is available in a vast range of colours (including greys, blacks, blues, reds, pinks and more) and patterns, making it the perfect addition to kitchens of any style, from traditional to ultra-modern. Whether mottled, pebbled or veined; flamed, honed or polished, no two pieces of this natural stone will ever be the same, ensuring that each kitchen fitted out with this versatile material is totally unique.

An alternative choice offering an even broader range of colours comes in the shape of manufactured quartz materials, such as, for instance, Compac worktops, or the above mentioned Diresco range. Consisting of around 90 per cent of natural materials (quartz and/or granite), resin, pigments and other materials, these worktops are even more durable than granite, and have the advantage of being almost maintenance free (no resealing is required), while being just as stylish and versatile in their use.

Consumers concerned about the effect of the non-natural materials (colour pigments, resins, glass, and so on) used in the production of these materials will be pleased to know that many manufacturers are now taking steps to reduce this impact. Many of them are now using recycled factory materials and/or glass, and Silestone worktops are now certified for no or low off-gassing, which is related to the use (or lack thereof) of glues, paints, resins and/or sealant releasing toxic fumes into the environment.

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