Quartz worktops in London

The perfect choice for adding contemporary style, chic and modern luxury to any kitchen is to opt for quartz worktops.

The perfect choice for adding contemporary style, chic and modern luxury to any kitchen is to opt for quartz worktops. Consisting predominantly of a mixture natural quartz and/or granite particles and resin, Diresco worktops offer all the benefits of natural stone – and more.

Highly chip, crack and scratch; heat moisture and stain resistant, these materials are also virtually non-porous, making them extremely hygienic and exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance requirements are, as a matter of fact, virtually non-existent, as neither polishing nor resealing will be required at any point during their long life.

The addition of pigments provides a multitude of colours and larger particles of stone, quartz and/or glass create a plethora of patterns and textures. This means that unlike natural stone – which is only available in a somewhat limited range of colours and patterns – the above, Quarella worktops and similar products are available in more than 100 colours, patterns and textures. As a result of this vast diversity, a more contemporary appearance can be achieved within kitchens of any style or design.

Durability and longevity combine with timeless elegance and low maintenance requirements to make quartz worktops the perfect investment to add lasting value and beauty to any home. What’s more, The Marble Group offers these products, as well as Silestone worktops and a selection of similar, equally high quality products at exceptionally competitive prices.

The Marble Group currently covers most postcode areas within London, Hertfordshire and Kent; Surrey, Essex and Berkshire, including the following areas:

  • E1 to E18
  • EC1 to EC4
  • EN1 to EN5
  • HA1 to HA10
  • N1 to N22
  • NW1 to NW11
  • W1 to W14
  • WC1 and WC2

Services provided include expert advice on both domestic and commercial projects; a selection of exquisite edge details to choose from; free online quotes and, of course, expert fitting of worktops by a team of highly skilled, experienced fitters.

High quality materials; precision technology, great care, close attention to every last detail and affordable prices make The Marble Group the leading supplier of quartz worktops in and around London.

Get in touch with the Marble Group for more information on 0800 652 2013 / 020 8216 2041 or email info@themarblegroup.co.uk.

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